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  • Create a body that expands

    your life experience instead of limits it.

    Your physical ailments are linked to your quantity of movement and also your quality of movement.

    (Quality means: does your exercise leave you achey or injured?)

    Athletic or not, you may not be meeting the baseline daily nutrition of quality movement needed for full health.

    Without looking at how we move, we create circumstances that will eventually limit our ability to move, more and more.

    The road to bettering our bodies requires a different alignment with how we act in the world.


    Changing the way we move is powerful: it revolutionizes our thinking, the spaces we inhabit, our cultural priorities and our impact on the planet.

  • Offerings

    Alignment and Restorative Exercise

    Private Sessions

    Get all the answers to how you move.

    Improve your overall functioning, strength and posture.

    I'll help you understand:

    • How to recognize unhealthy movement habits
    • How to reconfigure your structure and adopt better gait mechanics 
    • How to maximize your current exercise efforts

    Movement-Based Lifestyle Design

    Lecture and Individual Consultation

    Our environment shapes us more than we're aware.

    I'll guide you or your business to rethink environments

    to include more movement and mindfulness.

    Group Exercise Classes

    Cheaper, still potent:

    • Yoga: aligned and breath-driven vinyasa
    • Hybrid: Biomechanical Yoga w/ Callie
    • Resorative Exercise - small group 4 week series

    or, if you've trained with me before:

    • Advanced Alignment: Off Script and In Motion 

    Audio Movement Experiences

    Discover what it means to be "embodied."

    These are audio journeys taking you through a meditative integration of movement and sense-enhancing exercises paired with contemplative entertainment.


    Listen while on a hike or neighborhood stroll and discover how movement can be liberation. Adventure with soothing vocals and simple, clear guidance.

  • Your body is like a musical instrument, it will sing beautifully and re-tune itself if you learn how to move it better.

  • Testimonials

    "Callie offers you a life journey to grow younger from the inside out. I am stronger, more flexible, and more balanced than at any time in the last 20 years."

    Callie Ritter and biomechanics has made an enormous positive impact on my life. Like most multi-sport athletes, I measured success based on victories, goals scored, time, reps and distance. That doesn't work so well as you age and time becomes precious. Instead of trying to find time for "workouts," I wanted to change my entire approach to health and exercise. Callie (a superb athlete, dancer, and teacher) broke down my posture, gait, and the range of motion in every part of my body. I have learned how to walk, stand, climb, exercise, and even breathe in a much more efficient manner. My metabolism has sped up (sessions are challenging), I sleep better, focus better, and am more confident and body aware. I move differently in every activity, from sitting at a computer, to hiking and raking leaves. My "workout" is just part of daily living. What I didn't expect, was the continuous intellectual challenge, and the joy of pushing the envelope on what your body can do...without a gym, diet, pain killers or other drugs, supplements or "procedures." Change your routine, improve your practice...and everything else.

    - Doug C, 65

    "My whole self feels so much more relaxed, supple and healthy and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

    Callie's been working with me for over a year now to help reduce the muscle tension that I get in my neck, back and shoulders. She is the only wellness professional I've ever come across who has treated me holistically, rather than just focusing on their one particular specialty and assuming that was the fix (and I've been treated by several different physical therapists and chiropractors). I’m constantly impressed by her creativity, persistence and insights as she helps me on my healing journey, figuring out what my stubborn body needs to help me become more healthy and flexible. She has helped me build in to my life new exercise routines and movement patterns that work for me and that have made an enormous difference. Above all, the joy, enthusiasm and fun that she brings to our sessions, along with the hard work, that make it a real pleasure to be trained by her.

    - Peter S, 56

    "I was able to have a healthy pregnancy without back pain, something I didn’t think was possible until I met her!"

    Callie gave me a part of my life back that I thought was lost forever. I battled debilitating low back pain for about eight years prior to meeting her. I developed extreme anxiety from not knowing what caused my pain, and being told that exercises I used to do, might be causing my spasms. I was afraid to bend over and limited myself on daily activities. Callie helped me understand the mind body connection between pain, and we gently confronted my fear of movement. She helped me understand that my body can move and should move! That it feels better when I move! She is easy to talk to and really listens to what you're saying so she can understand how your body's acting and address the root of your problems. I have my life and personality back! I feel confident and am no longer afraid. I have been able to take care of my son and move and play with him without worry, thanks to Callie!

    - Jenny B, 36

    "She is the wealth of knowledge that I have been searching for, and I appreciate her passion and how much she puts into all of my sessions."

    Working with Callie has given me the knowledge and empowerment to realign my body, and to rid myself of pain through proper movement and stretching. She has changed the way that I view fitness. Her philosophy integrates corrective movements into all parts of my day, as well as connecting and listening to my body’s needs and intuitions. Every session leaves me wanting to know more.

    - Camille T, 33

    "Strangely the class felt very futuristic...like if we were in a class happening 150 years from now and we have finally cracked the code on the human body."

    Callie’s deep knowledge and experience with an ancient discipline (yoga), coupled with a keen understanding of modern biomechanics results in a class that feels fresh and futuristic.

    - David B

    "Callie is truly gifted."

    She invites us, through words and modeling and wisdom, to embrace a new body/mind awareness. One leaves her class refreshed and more whole.

    - Jane D, 75

    "Callie’s patience, kindness, and knowledge about body movement and health provide a personal and motivating approach to improve body as well as mind wellness."

    The passionate teaching style she incorporates into each private session has made a true impact on my motivation to incorporate movement into my daily life and stay active.

    - Mira T, 18

  • ritter.callie@gmail.com

    (Virtual sessions available)


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  • Callie Rose Ritter

    Movement Therapist + Educator
    Biomechanical Personal Trainer
    Restorative Exercise Specialist



    When your body feels good, you don't notice it. You don't notice your knees when you hike, your back after a long day, and you get off the ground without a sigh. My body used to hurt. I exercised with the dominant cultural concept that being healthy equalled measuring up to performance goals. I looked healthy and strong, but my body ached, even though I did lots of cross training, yoga and pilates. I came to learn that exercise is different than movement. Someone can be very active, but also be extremely sedentary in certain parts of their body and prone to disease and injury in the same ways a "non-active" person could be.


    Movement is a powerful medicine not just impacting muscles and joints, but heart health, bone density, pelvic floor function, lymph regulation, balanced menstrual cycles...the list goes on. BUT, you must know the variety and dosage of actual movement you're ingesting. Because most of us move as if we're writing a sentence using a 10-letter alphabet and a worn out pen, the same rough and bent sentence over and over again - but we can't tell. Your body can do amazing things, and feel amazing too. We all need a higher quality and quantity of movement to stave off the affluent ailments running rampant in our culture that often treated at the short term, symptomatic level.


    I have an embodied understanding of how alignment, geometry, physics, and motion all interplay by spending thousands of hours moving in the studio, not just sitting at a desk. I have over fifteen years of professional training in movement and dance reinforced by my collected certifications and continuing education. I "walk the walk" of a supple, capable body, and constantly learn more about it by studying the living world. I understand scoliosis by looking at the way a tree grows around a boundary, and I see a story of arterial plaque and blood dynamics in the erosion of riverbanks.


    We are not separate from the world. Our body is extensively and unfathomably interdependent in relation to itself and the environment around it. My aim is to push the edge of what's possible in my body, mind and spirit, and offer what I learn along the way. It's fun to feel myself growing more flexible, strong, and injury free as I age, as opposed to the other way around.

    I hope you join me!



    BFA, University of Utah

    Restorative Exercise Specialist-Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritious MovementTM

    300hr Certified Yoga Teacher, emphasis in Yoga pedagogy, The Perri Institute for Mind and BodyTM



    Movement Therapy

    Physical Therapy


    Restorative Exercise


    Gait Mechanics

    Dance Therapy


    Pre + Post Natal

    Teens to Elders

    Mindfulness & Meditation

    How to Embody Philosophy


    Teaching Collaborations:


    Embody Pilates, Yoga & Fitness, Boise, ID


    Physical Therapy 180, Boise, ID


    Crane Creek Country Club,

    Boise, ID


    Healthy Living Center,

    Downtown YMCA, Boise, ID


    Steps on Broadway, NY, NY


    Kinesis Project, NY, NY

  • Class Schedule

    Slowly in the works.

    Feel free to reach out with guest teaching inquiries.


    Freedom requires no effort to enjoy,

    but heroic efforts to preserve.

    - Richard G. Scott

    Students aged17 through 78.

    Being aware of how you align your body helps you have more awareness in the rest of your life.

    Broaden your ideas about movement and sedentarism.